Grant and royality audit

Not all accountants will be suitably qualified or experienced to accept appointments as External Auditor in respect of grant and royalty related projects. It is therefore vitally important that recipients of grants and parties to royalty agreements understand the complexities involved in the particular agreements when choosing the right accountant for such assignments.

At Harmer Slater, we have a wealth of understanding and extensive experience in dealing with the complex rules relating to grant funding whether from UK government department or from the European Union and interpreting complex royalty licensing agreements.

Our grant and royalty audit work starts includes a comprehensive review of the relevant project contract and accounts to ensure the specific terms and conditions of the relevant contract are met. Our competitively priced grant and royalty certification service is delivered by a team of experienced professionals and is provided to a significant number of clients in relation to both UK and European Union funded projects.

Our offering also includes advisory in understanding the requirements and terms of the underlying grant or royalty contracts with grant funders or licensors as well as assisting with the set-up of robust systems to ensure compliance with these terms.

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