Outsourced finance directorship

Usually, small and medium sized entities (SME) receive support from their accountants for business advisory. This may be adequate for general purposes but not useful in certain situations where a holistic view is required from an experienced Finance Director (FD) to deliver optimum results for the business, drive efficiency, etc.

Our outsourced FD services ensure that SMEs who are unable to afford the expense of a full time FD to undertake this vital role do not miss out on the invaluable experience of FDs.

Our dedicated team of experienced outsourced FDs are not only just qualified accountants who are skilled in accountancy and taxation matters but have also a wealth of industry experience which underpins their commercial awareness and business advisory skills. These skill set is leveraged in our delivery of outsourced FD service.

The services provided by our FD team includes, attending board meetings (whether by face-to-face or teleconferencing in the UK or overseas), oversight responsibility and interpretation of management accounts, establishing and monitoring KPIs, budgeting, forecasting and financial modelling. It also includes advisory on strategy, tax planning and commercial risk mitigation and challenging management.

We already provide these services to a number of our clients in various industries including, mining, publishing and pharmaceutical.

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