Property tax

  • Property taxation is very complex, with factors determining tax liability ranging from the type of property, the structure used for holding them and the residence of the person holding them as well as whether the transaction is an acquisition, disposal or development.

A proactive, well balanced, structured and a hands on approach is absolutely essential if opportunities for minimising your exposure to tax liabilities is to be maximised. Our team is commercially aware, experienced and skilled to provide you with the professional advisory to achieve your objectives.

Our comprehensive property tax advisory is provided to both property investors and developers of all sizes ranging from the first time investor/developer to the large experienced investors/developers with portfolios valued in excess of £100M.

Our range of comprehensive advisory is designed to meet your needs whether you are buying, selling, letting, occupying or developing property and includes:

  • Ownership structure advice - advisory on the most effective and appropriate structure for commercial and residential property ownership and disposal to meet your specific requirements
  • Stamp duty tax relief advisory on all aspects
  • VAT advisory - advising on the VAT implications of transactions related to development, acquisition, disposal and letting of commercial and residential property including exercising “an option to tax" and transfers of a going concern.
  • Capital allowances – advisory on claims whether you are letting or a landlord
  • Inheritance tax planning, advisory and capital gains in relation to property
  • Non domicile property tax matters

Compliance matters – assistance with compliance obligations for enveloped dwellings.