Independence, professionalism, efficiency and timely presentation of reports are key cornerstones of our audit and assurance services. Our audit objective is to deliver reports that accurately and fairly reflect evidence and explanations obtained in a timely and efficient manner with a minimum fuss. Our assurance offerings are also designed with the goal of improving the information obtained or the context of the information obtained to enable owners and users make more informed and better decisions in a timely manner.

The combined experience of our dedicated team of audit and assurance professionals is extensive and very broad across a range of industries in the UK and overseas; our offering is also delivered to organisations of all sizes ranging from small privately owned businesses to UK subsidiaries and branches of prestigious multi-national groups.


At Harmer Slater, we believe that every financial report of our clients’ business must be presented professionally and reflect relevant information about the business.

Financial reports need to be timely and be useful to existing and potential investors, lenders, suppliers and customers.

This philosophy drives our financial reporting offering.


Outsourcing part or all of a business’s processes is often fraught with hidden costs, less control, poor mutual understanding, poor knowledge transfer and clash of culture. This need not be the case if outsourcing is managed and implemented competently by skilled and experienced professionals.

Our outsourcing provision addresses the key reasons for failure to ensure that the far reaching benefits of outsourcing including cost-effectiveness and freeing time for you to concentrate on the core functions that are strategically important to your business are realised.


We contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.” ― Winston S. Churchill

The UK tax system is complex and is summed by Albert Einstein’s answer when asked about completing his income tax return “This is a question too difficult for a mathematician. It should be asked of a philosopher".

We understand the complexities of the UK tax system and will work with you within the confines of tax legislation and case law to ensure that you and/or your business pays no more than the correct amount of tax that you absolutely have to pay.


Business is changing, technology is having a massive impact. Artificial intelligence and data analytics are a reality. Making Tax Digital is looming and means new responsibilities for VAT registered businesses.

We recognise that business owners require much more advice than previous generations because of the complicated laws and regulations surrounding running a business, increased competition worldwide and the impact of technology.

At Harmer Slater we have considerable experience in helping clients start, grow and sell their businesses. We also know what the most profitable businesses do differently from those who are not as successful, and can guide you through the maze of tax and business legislation that may be holding you back.

Our mission is to help business owners succeed and reach their goals, to help you build capital in your business and to ensure you are compliant with legislation.